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Flip Flops For Foot Pain

After standing on your feet the whole day on the job, while hitting the gym, or running chores it's good to enjoy a rest from wearing boots or shoes. Then again, foot troubles and foot pain can get worse without the regular use of orthotics.

In reality, if you are wearing orthotics as part of your shoes through the day, but going barefoot other times, pain and inflammation can continue. That's why it makes sense to wear flip flops for foot pain.

That's why we recommend wearing orthotic flip flops for foot pain as an alternative to shoes.

Clinical surveys have proven that orthotics give patients up to 33% or more additional orthotic therapy time with the help of wearing sandals or clogs with custom orthotics.

These flip flops can even help prevent foot arch pain, including plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, and heel pain.

Flip Flops For Foot Pain

The most effective sandals and flip flops for strong feet come doctor preferred and developed with orthotics. We have learned that the Orthaheel brand of flip flops can be a stylish and healthy selection that features a in-built orthotic foot bed.

An excellent all-around decision is the Wave Orthotic Flip Flop for males and females. These flip flops for foot pain are designed to minimize excess pronation, provide support and firmness, and straighten the foot into its correct position.

For those who would rather have a sandal that glides on without a toe strap, the Kiwi Slide Sandal for guys and gals is ideal for more delicate feet.

CAVEAT - Beware Of "Over The Counter" Orthotics.

Orthotics for feet are medically prescribed instruments that are personally made to suit your particular foot problem. Many stores and pharmacies sell over the counter orthotics which could aggravate your condition. If your foot problem is severe, you must consult your local podiatrist/chiropodist in your area for the correct orthotic.

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The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine serves to advance the understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries.
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Our purpose, or goal, is to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public by the advancement of the science of podiatric surgery.
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ASPS will advance the knowledge and skills of podiatrists in the area of surgery of the foot, ankle, and governing and related structures.
Phone: 877-277-7616 (toll free)
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The American Board of Medical Specialties, a not-for-profit organization, was established to create uniformity in physician certification.
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