Painful, Inflamed and Tender Heels?

Find The Causes And Eliminate The Pain

What Are Some Causes Of Severe Heel Pain


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horrible pain in the heel If you are currently suffering from really bad heel pain, it is only natural that you want to find the best possible method that you can use to alleviate the pain that you are feeling. The best thing that you can do is to first be aware of the different causes of heel pain so that you will also know how to stop it from bothering you.

You should know first and foremost that pain is usually felt by a person when other things are affecting your feet; in addition, even though it is not a common cause, you should also know that weight can be considered as one major cause of the pain you are feeling because of the pressure it gives them.

You have probably heard of the solution to place your feet in a bucket full of ice; even though this is a really effective method to relieve the pain for a while, the best thing that you can do is still to consult a podiatrist.

This will not only give you answers about the causes of the heel pain that you are experiencing, but it will also help you in improving the overall condition of your feet. Not to mention, you will also be assured that whatever type of diagnosis you will be getting will be accurate enough for you to eliminate the problem.

It can be seen in an instant that these conditions are easy to treat and prevent most especially if you take the necessary actions immediately; and one major factor of doing this is to be able to identify the symptoms early.

What are the Best Orthotics for Heel Pain

Yesterday I had a question today from our blog, which is, "What is the best orthotic to treat heel pain?" There's actually been some really interesting research looking at that very thing. At least, it's interesting if you're a podiatrist.

But hopefully, you'll find it interesting too. And what that looked at is what type of orthotic does the very best job of taking tension off of the plantar fascia?

So the plantar fascia is this thick band of tissue right here. It runs from the heels up to the toes, and it helps keep the foot in an arch shape.

Now, if your foot collapses more than it should, going from say here to here, to here, as that foot collapses down or flattens, it gets longer and longer. As it gets longer, you're putting more tension onto the plantar fascia. As that fascia gets tight, it tugs more and more on the heel.

So what this research has looked at, is they came along, they took cadaver legs, they put them in a machine that would flatten them down, taking them from here to here.

Then they put a strain gauge within the plantar fascia, and then put different types of orthotic devices underneath it to see which ones took the most tension off of the plantar fascia. What they found is that those orthotics that conformed tightest to the arch of the foot, did the best job at taking tension off of the fascia.

So if we look at this foot down here, here it is flattening down and as it flattens it gets longer, and that puts tension onto the plantar fascia. So we're going to take this orthotic right here.

This is actually a prefabricated orthotic. Put it under the arch of the foot, and you can see, this one gaps away a little bit from the foot.

So although it's a good one, it still lets that foot collapse down, get longer, and you still have some increased tension on the plantar fascia. But it's actually a very good over-the-counter device, because it's fairly firm and it's got a fairly good arch.

If you want to take even more tension off the plantar fascia, you can use a custom orthotic that conforms much tighter to the arch. The tighter it conforms to the arch, the less tension there is on the plantar fascia.

In addition, there have been some additional studies that show that if you use an orthotic that stops the heel from rolling in, that also takes tension off the fascia. Because as the heel rolls in, that foot is forced to flatten out.

So in this orthotic, we've found on that has a fairly deep cup around the heel, so it can apply force to the heel and help stop it from rolling in. So those are a couple things you want to look at when getting orthotics for plantar fasciitis.

You can look on our website and find some good prefabricated orthotics that you can use. Try those for a few weeks. If that's not enough, find a podiatrist who specializes in orthotic therapy. Go see them possibly about getting a custom orthotic.

Heel Pain Treatment

If terrible heel pain is persistent I would not hesitate in seeing a qualified physician. I went for two years suffering an extremely sore heel hoping it would simply go away. Finally conceding that the horrible pain was affecting me greatly I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who immediately diagnosed a harmless cyst growing near the bottom of my ankle which was sending referred pain into my heel.

The surgeon went on to tell me that severe heel pain can come from various complaints so, as I said before, see a doctor if it is persistent and affecting your lifestyle.

Heel Pain Specialists In Your Area

If you live in the Victorville, CA area you can visit High Desert Foot and Ankle.
Morris Podiatry, from Newark, NJ, are a full-service professional association of physicians specializing in the treatment of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.
Residents near Elk Grove Village, IL should contact Miller Foot Centres for the relief of all foot care problems like diabetic routine foot care, calluses, corns, nail trimming.
Woodland Park, Colorado, residents should visit Powell Chiropractic for sore heel pain and all foot related problems.
Finally, those of you from around Fort Worth and require treatment in ingrown toenail treatment and toenail fungus treatment with laser should call Metro Foot and Ankle.

CAVEAT - Beware Of "Over The Counter" Orthotics.

Orthotics for feet are medically prescribed instruments that are personally made to suit your particular foot problem. Many stores and pharmacies sell over the counter orthotics which could aggravate your condition. If your foot problem is severe, you must consult your local podiatrist/chiropodist in your area for the correct orthotic.

Websites Of Interest

The websites below provide helpful information in regards to foot, heel and ankle ailments.

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine serves to advance the understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries.
Phone: (352) 620-8562

ACFAS seeks to promote the art and science of foot, ankle and related lower extremity surgery
Phone: (800) 421-2237

Our purpose, or goal, is to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public by the advancement of the science of podiatric surgery.
Phone: (415) 553-7800

ASPS will advance the knowledge and skills of podiatrists in the area of surgery of the foot, ankle, and governing and related structures.
Phone: 877-277-7616 (toll free)
Email: N/A

The American Board of Medical Specialties, a not-for-profit organization, was established to create uniformity in physician certification.
Phone: (312) 436-2600
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